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Time for a pop quiz. What is a disciple?

  1. Someone who has completed a 10-week Bible study course
  2. A Christian leader
  3. A knowledgeable Christian
  4. A zealous Christian
  5. A Christian who listens to spiritual CDs

Answer? None of the above. Surprised? Don’t be! Never has a word been so overused yet so misunderstood. Although the topic of discipleship has been overworked, it is an under-applied concept. We all have probably heard a lot about discipleship. But if the truth were known, most of us still are not discipling others or being discipled ourselves. Most of us are still spectators when it comes to ministry. That is not only unwise and unhealthy, it is unbiblical. Let’s focus our attention on what the Lord said in His Great Commission in Matthew 28:16–20. Let’s learn what it means to live as a true disciple.

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