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Partnering Together

These days when time is at a premium, digging through the junk drawer for stamps and envelopes to send your cheques through the mail doesn’t make a lot of sense. Many of us have opted for online bill payments and even automatic withdrawals. At Insight for Living Canada, we value your time and want to offer you the same conveniences for your planned giving.

Becoming a Monthly Partner is easy. Fill in the secure form choosing your amount, giving date, and method of donating and we’ll do the rest!

“We have been monthly partners for some time... probably from the time I used to go to the coffee shop regularly. Wasn’t Insight for Living worth at least what coffee cost? That motivated me to make it a regular practice. The program does minister to me and I would miss it if it stopped.”

~ Jim

Monthly Partners invest not only in their own spiritual health but of others as well. To provide you a measure of the level of impact your gift would make, consider the following uses of monthly gifts we receive.

  • $30 provides 30 households with a copy of Insights magazine
  • $50 covers the average daily radio cost per station for Insight for Living
  • $100 streams Chuck Swindoll’s teaching for one week on

God changes lives through this ministry, which is why the support we receive is so vital. We are a listener-supported, autonomous ministry and depend on financial gifts from those who are as passionate about our mission as we are.

If you’re ready to become a Monthly Partner please take a moment to sign up online or call 1.800.663.7639.

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