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Why Do We Ask For Money?

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Why Do We Ask For Money?

Insight for Living Canada is a registered non-profit charity. Because of this we need to fundraise, which can be distracting. Here are some of our answers to the question, “Why do we ask for money?”

REASON #1: So you can participate in what God is doing across the country through Insight for Living Canada.

Our culture is pre-disposed to become suspicious when the subject of money arises. But the truth is, asking for money is our way of inviting you to put your hard-earned resources at the disposal of the kingdom. We want to give you the opportunity to invest what you have in the work of God.

REASON #2: So we can fulfil our passion to see lives transformed.

In the coming years our goal is to expand our reach and provide even more Canadians with the tools they need to read God’s Word, absorb it, and apply it to their lives. We believe this is the first step to helping people understand God’s Word.

REASON #3: If we don’t ask people don’t give.

We ask for money to make you aware of our needs and invite you to participate in God’s work. And from experience we know if we don’t ask, we don’t receive.

REASON #4: Ministry costs money.

Although listening to our daily Insight for Living program is free for you, it costs us more than half a million dollars each year to create and place our program on radio stations across Canada and stream it online.

As well we spend thousands of dollars each month to create, design, print, and distribute our free Bible-teaching resources. Even as we transition over to digital media there are still fixed costs like human resources, hardware, and bandwidth.

REASON #5: We’re listener supported.

Insight for Living Canada depends on financial gifts from those who are as passionate about our mission as we are. We are an autonomous ministry and receive no financial assistance from Insight for Living Ministries US.

REASON #6: It’s biblical.

Financial giving is a biblical exercise. We know Jesus’ ministry was underwritten by a number of generous women (Luke 8:1-3), the disciples gave sacrificially (Acts 11:27-30), and the Apostle Paul spoke at length about the importance of giving and enthusiastic generosity (2 Corinthians 8-9).