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Laughter and Joy


Are you known for spreading joy and laughter around? In this month's Video Insight, Chuck Swindoll talks about having an infectious faith.

Not Shallow


How many attributes of God can you describe? Chuck Swindoll encourages you to deepen your understanding of God.

Grace for the Moment

In this short video, Pastor Chuck Swindoll reflects on God’s rich and constant supply of grace. With the help of some powerful lyrics, Chuck reminds us of God’s faithful presence and provision.

The Best Gifts

Do you want to give memorable Christmas gifts this year? Chuck Swindoll tells you how to give the best gifts, and it has nothing to do with cost or artistic packaging.

Get Right

Have you done someone wrong? To do nothing to right a wrong complicates your life, adding heavier mental weights than you're capable of carrying.


Being an Encourager

Most of us can remember when someone’s well-timed words of encouragement made all the difference in our ability to press on. Chuck Swindoll urges us to pass the kindness on.

Christ Proclaimed

Are you free to proclaim the name of Christ where you live? Chuck Swindoll does not take that freedom for granted and encourages us to pray for more to hear the Gospel.

God's Family


No family is perfect, including the family of God. But when God's family is functioning the way Chuck Swindoll describes in this video, others will want to join it!

A Message from Pastor Chuck Swindoll | June 2023


Proclaiming life-giving hope and life-changing insight is an immense privilege and joy for all of us at Insight for Living Canada.

Every story of life-change thrills us. Each one represents a fresh outpouring of Christ’s mercy and grace, which He doesn’t have to give. We don’t take it for granted. We need His minute-by-minute blessing to be fruitful. At the same time, we remain confident that He will continue to bless our efforts. He has promised that His Word will not return empty (Isaiah 55:8–11).