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We’re Listener Supported

People donate to this ministry because they believe solid biblical teaching is crucial. If you have been blessed by Insight for Living Canada, we welcome your investment in our work. All donations are tax deductible.

“I listen when time allows and I have been blessed by your ministry. I contribute that others might be blessed to the glory of God.” Carole

“You have an excellent show which can reach and help many people. As God blesses our family we will continue to support your outreach.” Mark

“God bless you for touching millions of lives. Please use this small amount for the spread of His Word and the blessing of souls. Thank you.” Peace

Monthly Partnership

Partnering Together

Monthly Partners make up the core of our donor base. By automating donations they provide us with consistent income, helping us budget with accuracy and plan with wisdom. Monthly Partners invest not only in their own spiritual health but the spiritual growth of others.

Estate Planning

Leave a Legacy

Having a will and estate plan puts you in control, allows you to make decisions now, minimizes the tax burden on your estate, and maximizes the payout to your beneficiaries.

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Giving Options

Estate gifts, insurance, annuities, securities, and gifts-in-kind are other ways you can support Insight for Living Canada. If you have questions or need assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us weekdays during regular business hours.

Why Donate?

Why Do We Ask For Money?

Insight for Living Canada is a registered non-profit charity. Because of this we need to fundraise, which can be distracting. Here are some reasons we ask for money.