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Accountability is being responsible to someone else. This involves reporting, receiving feedback, offering explanations, and answering questions.

We are accountable to God

Scripture makes it clear we all are accountable before God and will one day have to bow before Christ (Isaiah 45:23; Romans 3:9-19; Philippians 2:9; Revelation 20:11-15). We are accountable to God for our words and actions.

We are accountable to our board

As a registered non-profit charitable organization in British Columbia we are accountable to our board of directors and the Canada Revenue Agency. There are advantages to being a registered charity—we can issue tax receipts to donors and receive tax exemptions. However, we are also subject to regulations and restrictions.

We are accountable to the Canadian Council of Christian Charities

We know every gift we receive is a sacrifice and as a registered Canadian charity we maintain the highest standards of financial accountability set out by the Canadian Council of Christian Charities.

We are accountable to our donors

We are a listener-supported, autonomous ministry and depend on financial gifts from those who are as passionate about our mission as we are. We receive no financial assistance from Insight for Living US.

We are accountable to Insight for Living

Although we are not supported by Insight for Living Ministries, we stand with our brothers and sisters to further their vision to spread God’s Word throughout the world.