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Christ Proclaimed

Are you free to proclaim the name of Christ where you live? Chuck Swindoll does not take that freedom for granted and encourages us to pray for more to hear the Gospel.

God's Family


No family is perfect, including the family of God. But when God's family is functioning the way Chuck Swindoll describes in this video, others will want to join it!

It's Your Ministry

Insight for Living Ministries is not Chuck Swindoll’s ministry—it’s yours. Sure it’s his voice you hear on the program every day and God has given him the platform to deliver, teach, and preach His Word. But this program would never get beyond our building without the support of people just like you. When you invest in Insight for Living Canada, thousands will get to hear the life-giving words of Christ. You see, it’s your donation that fuels your radio station, the podcast, and wherever people consume Insight for Living.

Walk Well

Want to know how to walk in triumph in a world that's lost its way? In this Video Insight, Chuck Swindoll gives three essentials to help you walk well.

The Cross

Are you afraid that if God really knew you He would disapprove of you? Chuck Swindoll wants you to understand what Jesus' death was all about.

Be Accountable

Are you always able to tell when you’re veering a little off track? Is there someone in your life who will point it out to you? If not, Chuck Swindoll suggests you find someone.