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Facing a massive project ahead? Having a hard time getting started on it or sticking with it? Chuck Swindoll gives some advice to help you keep plugging away at it.



When you project your future, what is it you fear most? A job loss? A certain diagnosis? A stock market crash? Chuck Swindoll speaks to those fears with some simple words.


Most of us don’t mind helping someone out when we’re asked. But asking them for help can be much harder. Chuck Swindoll explains how seeking help can be really smart.

God Is Large and In Charge


Chuck says that God's sovereignty is the truth he turns to every day more than any other truth. And he preaches on it a lot because he needs to hear it just as much as anyone else.

Fake It Till You Make It


Did you know that getting up in the morning and making your bed can be a profound example of faith? Steve gives sound advice for those who just don't feel like facing the day ahead.

It Comes with the Territory


Life's not easy for anyone, as Chuck assures us. We all have continual challenges. That's why Steve takes comfort from Proverbs 16:9 and knowing we must submit all things to God's care.

There's Hope in the Truth


It's one thing to accept the truth of your situation; it's another to bathe your acceptance in hope, energy, and joy. Steve talks about working to align your feelings with what you know.

Seeing through God's Eyes


Chuck shares a bit of the struggle he and Cynthia have had in processing Jonathan's diagnoses. They found peace once they were able to fully accept Jonathan the way God made him.

What's Your World Like?


To enter into the world of a special needs family means to put aside concerns about image and others' expectations. We need to boldly ask what a person needs and then meet that need.