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Declared Righteous

People who are haunted by their past need help learning to live in the present and to see themselves the way God does now. He sees only our cleanness because of His provision for us.

Let the Secret Out

Cheryl La Mastra gives wise, succinct advice first to the woman who is thinking about having an abortion, then to the one who is reeling from the effects of just having had one.

We Have Different Rules

Children are bombarded with examples of those who treat sex lightly and casually. They need role models at home who will not send them a double message with their own behavior.

You Are Worth the Wait

Your family of origin teaches you a lot about your self-worth. Adults who have had childhood trauma sometimes need to learn to value themselves first through the choices they make.

There's a Time and a Place

Cheryl La Mastra gives suggestions on how to give even young children the right view of God's gift of sex and how to teach boys especially to have respect for the opposite sex.

Let God's Light Guide You

When it comes to moral purity, we often try to make gray the issues that are quite black and white. Cheryl La Mastra leads clients through questions that point them to God's Word.

Yes, It's That Serious

It's not an exaggeration to use the word trauma to describe the physical and psychological effects of an abortion. Cheryl La Mastra even compares it to the PTSD a soldier may face.

Cutting the Cords of Sin

Once a woman has found freedom and forgiveness for herself after an abortion, she may need to tell a few trusted others about her past choice, especially her current spouse.

Peeling Away the Layers

Many women need help in linking the deep sorrow and emptiness they feel to their past abortion. Cheryl La Mastra explains how she walks them through the process of grieving.

Unfinished Artwork

A common coping mechanism for one who has aborted a child is to repress any thoughts of the value of that child. Psalm 139:13-18 are powerful verses for revealing the truth.