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The Cross

Are you afraid that if God really knew you He would disapprove of you? Chuck Swindoll wants you to understand what Jesus' death was all about.


Where do you have to go to hear God's voice and feel His peace and contentment? Chuck Swindoll describes one scene where you're not likely to hear what God's saying to you.

It Has Been a Year of Firsts! Pastor Chuck Swindoll's 2022 Reflection

God is at work through Insight for Living Ministries! In 2022, He opened new doors for sharing His Word. In this video, listen to Pastor Chuck reflect upon God’s faithfulness to transform lives through this Bible-teaching ministry. Generous year-end gifts from people like you will accelerate the teaching of God’s Word in 2023!


Are the daily tasks you perform bordering on drudgery? Have you been waiting a long time for a breakthrough? Chuck Swindoll reminds you you're in good company!


Know any teachers who are gearing up for another school year? Chuck Swindoll has some inspiring thoughts for them to carry with them into the classroom each day.

Being Unselfish

It's human nature to think of our own needs first. Chuck Swindoll spells out what it looks like when we're all a little less selfish with our time, money, and desires.