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We're All in This Boat


Remembering your own struggles helps you be real with one who is hurting. Steve explains how removing his own mask allows others to do the same and just be who they are.

Let God Do His Work


Everyone is different, and individuals must process pain and grief at their own pace. That's why Steve says it's essential for him to allow the Spirit to move and guide his time with a person in pain.

Let's Just Do Life Today


It's almost impossible to enter into a person's painful experience until you have first formed a relationship with him or her. After that, just being there with them is enough.

I Have No Words for You


There are so many things you don't need to say to someone grieving and so few things you do need to say. Your presence and total acceptance, with no shame, speaks volumes.

I Don't Know, but I'm Here


Chuck Swindoll recognizes a depth in Steve which has made him an effective pastor who reaches people. His own loss has freed him from the need to have the answers for others' pain.

It Means So Much Now


Experiencing the crushing of your soul changes the lens through which you view life. Steve describes some ways he views things differently now, especially with his younger daughters.

Sticking to the Main Thing


For the first two years of Payton's life, Steve and his wife, Melanie, chased the right diagnosis for her. But then their focus changed, as he describes in this tender video segment.

A Story of Crushing


Steve Fischer, Pastor of Biblical Counseling, tells the story about how his daughter Payton's illnesses and life struggles affected him and his wife.



Chuck Swindoll introduces his daughter, Colleen, and Steve Fischer. He explains how their discussions of the heartaches they have faced match the themes covered in the What If . . . ? series.

I Made a Promise

Chuck Swindoll relates what the youth ministers at his church do to help teens make and then remember a commitment to purity. Making a public decision holds great weight over choices.