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Questions Christians Ask

Even Christians have questions. Though many people think Christians have all the answers, we often struggle with sincere doubt when trials challenge our faith. Roadblocks of sickness, heartache, and disappointment punctuate our journeys of faith and cause us to question whether or not we’re headed in the right direction. So where do you turn when doubt wages war against the fundamentals of your faith? In Questions Christians Ask, Chuck Swindoll addresses a dozen crucial issues that all believers must examine, such as the identity of Jesus Christ, the exclusivity of the Gospel of Christ, God’s plan for the future, how to deal with worry, how to live a Spirit-guided, victorious life, and more. Find biblical answers in Questions Christians Ask that will help you strengthen your walk with God and draw you closer to Him each day.

Messages in this Series

Who Is This Jesus?

Christians need to take time to answer the significant biblical questions people have. And many of those questions have to do with the identity of Jesus. Who is He? Why did He come? What did He teach? How can I connect with Him? These are the same questions asked centuries ago by people who lived when Jesus did. Let’s see how Matthew’s gospel answers these questions.