Why Are We So Blessed?

Artwork for Questions Christians Ask

How many times we have said to someone, “I am so blessed!” Or, “God has certainly blessed us.” Or, “We were blessed to be born into this family…in this free country.” These are true statements, humble declarations of gratitude that often come from our lips. But have you ever gone one step further? Have you ever asked yourself why you are so blessed? Most of us find ourselves eminently blessed. We are the recipients of so much from God’s gracious hand. Perhaps the most significant blessings we have received is the privilege we have of living in a spiritually enlightened age with numerous churches and ministries prospering all around us. On top of this, there are books, films, small Bible-study groups, and various media ministries designed to encourage us and equip us in our growth…in a free country where our only limitations are time and energy. Why? Why all these tremendous blessings? These Psalms 67 and 103 answer this question.