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“Honey, where did you put my socks?” “Mom, I hate meat loaf. Can’t we order pizza?” “You do realize that the deadline is tomorrow, don’t you?” “We missed you at Bible study. Were you just too tired?”

As women, we constantly juggle the needs of everyone around us. We face enormous expectations and responsibilities the minute we get out of bed each morning. And in the midst of all the overwhelming demands on our time and energy, we often lose sight of who we are—of the women God intended for us to be.

So how should we cope? How can we find a healthy balance between earthly responsibilities and heavenly promises? God’s Word offers wisdom for all of us as we seek to become true women of faith.

Resources on this Topic

Reasons to be Virtuous

Proverbs 12:4

Pop culture says physical beauty is everything for a woman. Parents, it’s up to you to model for your daughter what’s important in God’s sight. She needs you to demonstrate a woman’s true worth and value.

What about Women in the Church?

The role of women in the church is a hot issue, best handled with sensitivity and compassion—and maybe a pair of asbestos gloves! This is not because Scripture is controversial but because the role of women in the culture is different from what Scripture teaches about the role of women in the church. So, questions rise like steam from a boiling kettle.