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Hope Again: When Life Hurts and Dreams Fade

When life hurts, where do you go for comfort? When dreams fade, how do you re-ignite hope’s flame?

In Hope Again, Pastor Chuck Swindoll draws wisdom from 1 Peter to reveal God’s purpose in suffering, God’s way through failure, and God’s hope despite life’s disappointments.

Peter didn’t promise a pain-free life. But he did promise one invaluable gift...hope! Join Pastor Chuck Swindoll for this 17-part series on 1 Peter as he shows that believers in Jesus Christ have every reason to persevere because God is at work even in their suffering.

Messages in this Series

Hope Beyond Failure: The Broken Man Behind the Book

At the end of the Apostle Peter’s dynamic life, he penned a letter to a group of suffering Christians, 1 Peter, to urge them to lift their eyes to Jesus and renew their hope in Him. Get acquainted with this fisherman-turned-apostle as Pastor Chuck Swindoll teaches timeless truth from Peter’s life on failure, healing, and hope.