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These five-minute programs feature Chuck Swindoll's best stories. You'll hear his loudest laughs, his funniest experiences, and his famous catch phrases.

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Being There

Your child needs you to help know who he is. Parents, spend more time affirming and encouraging your child for what he does right than for disciplining and correcting for what he does wrong. Children get security from their parents to know who they are, to like who they are, and to be who they are.

A Thief is a Thief

Romans 13:7

There is more than one kind of stealing. Sometimes we have to confront one another but be careful of how you do this because you may be guilty of the same thing! Pay people what you owe them. If you don't, you are stealing—that's how it works!

Mid-Life Adolescence

Job 32:6-8

Aging is inevitable. Before we know it, we're halfway through life. If you're going through a mid-life crisis, now is a good time to make some positive changes. Start by putting joy and laughter back into your life.