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The primary theme of Paul’s letter to the Romans is the revelation of God's righteousness in His plan for salvation—the gospel.

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Humpty Dumpty and Mr. Hyde

Romans 5:12-15

Just like you can’t unscramble an egg that’s been broken, we all have a dark side we can’t quite shake. We have a root problem with sin, which sounds pretty hopeless until we remember God, in His mercy, doesn’t leave us there. Through His Son He provided a way out of our brokenness and despair.

The Skeptical Intellectual

Romans 5:1-5

Perhaps you’re a skeptic. You don’t believe in miracles, only in science, logic, and absolutes. The good news is Christ doesn’t ask you to check your brains at the door when you come to know Him personally. Just the opposite—you gain insight and knowledge through the Holy Spirit!