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Written by Chuck Swindoll, these encouraging devotional thoughts are published seven days per week.

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The Sting of the Thorn, Part Two

Do you find it next to impossible to be satisfied with your present situation? If so, these words are nothing new to you—you’ve been stuck by those thorns since your soil first received God’s seed...and if the truth were known, you inwardly enjoy their presence.

Stop the Revolving Door

Whether Roman or Athenian empires...Egyptian or European cultures, the chronicle tells its own tale. Regardless of geography, origin, achievements, or level of prosperity, each one has sunk deeply into the vortex of ruin.

Trust, Part Two

“I will lean on, rely on, rest in, surrender to, depend on, relax.” How can I do this? By being convinced that God is totally trustworthy. He cares. He’s reliable. He isn’t clumsy. Or unskilled. Or out to get me. Or only working part time.

Trust, Part One

What is true in the dentist’s waiting room and office is also true in everyday life. We must learn to consciously abandon ourselves to Someone who is trustworthy.

“Won’t Someone Please Stop Me?” Part Two

Question: Where do you go to find enough stillness to rediscover that God is God? Where do you turn when your days and nights start running together? What spot becomes your hide-away so that a little perspective is gleaned as a little sanity returns? Where do you get relief from the fever-pitch extremes?

Writing with Thorns

In pain, grief, affliction, and loss, it often helps to write our feelings...not just feel them. Putting words on paper seems to free our feelings from the lonely prison of our souls.


It may mean investing some time, taking some risks, and putting out some effort in practical acts of loving compassion. Fishing for men and women is no casual thing.

The Home, Part Two

Believe me—the church will stay healthy and strong as long as its homes are healthy and strong. God’s priority system seems to begin at the grassroots level–at home. Cultivate that soil with care.