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Written by Chuck Swindoll, these encouraging devotional thoughts are published seven days per week.

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Passing the Baton of Truth

For generations, the great doctrines of God given to the apostles by Christ Himself, have been carefully and successfully handed down to the next generation.

The Church, God’s Plan

The Who of the church is Jesus. The Why of the church is to build His Kingdom. His everlasting Kingdom is impervious to all the temporal forces of evil that conspire against it.

From Hurt to Healing

You need more than a nursery rhyme. What does God suggest? He tells us where to turn to find the inner healing we need. And where’s that? To Jesus, that’s where.

Before Daybreak

There will always be competing voices—a chorus of well-meaning people looking to influence your decisions, alter your attitude, and govern your future. But only God knows what is best.

Too Much Stuff

Are you focused on eternal things today—those values and individuals who will join you in eternity? Or are you stuck in the frenzied pursuit of more stuff? It all goes up in smoke—eventually. Turn your heart to the things that matter.

Failure’s Upside

Let’s face it, success can be overrated. All of us crave it despite daily proof that our frequent destiny lies in quite the opposite direction. Weakness is the stuff of true greatness.


By the time we get to our someday, we ought to be at peace each day with what God has provided today.

Loving Teens

When was the last time you blessed a teenager? When was the last time you had a Coke with some of them?

Words Matter

If you rewound the tape on your conversations in your home or at church or at the workplace where you interact closely with others, would you hear words that hurt or words that encourage?