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Written by Chuck Swindoll, these encouraging devotional thoughts are published seven days per week.

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A Cycle of Sin

Are there certain patterns or habits you tend to fall back on when you’re facing a difficult situation? What could help you remember your new God-given nature?

The Poison of Impurity

Immorality is poisonous. You can never become immune to its deadly potency. It’s like sewage spewing from a cesspool; it contaminates everything close by.

The Secret to Prayer

We need to continually seek Him to ensure that our petitions and our motives are in line with His will. Then, whether He says yes, no, or wait, our prayers will draw us ever closer to Him.

Going Deep

In what ways are you living on the surface in your relationship with God? How can you begin to go deeper?

The Almighty One

The straightforward message God communicated through this name after a long silence is the same one He wants us to know when He seems absent: While I am sometimes silent, I remain in control of your circumstances.


When we’re forced to wait, the Lord helps us acquire an appetite for the blessing to come. Meanwhile, He builds our maturity so that when the fulfilment finally arrives, we are prepared to enjoy His blessing to the fullest.


Abram first affirmed their relationship and expressed his desire to preserve harmony between them. Instead of pulling rank, he became a mentor.

Reflecting God

Abram lied to Pharaoh to save his own skin, telling him that Sarai was his sister. In doing so, he put her in jeopardy. But where he failed to protect his wife, the Lord overwhelmingly succeeded in doing so.

Put to the Test

In case you’re feeling superior right about now, thinking you’d never lie the way Abram did, let me offer a warning from Scripture: “If you think you are standing strong, be careful not to fall. The temptations in your life are no different from what others experience” (1 Corinthians 10:12-13).