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Written by Chuck Swindoll, these encouraging devotional thoughts are published seven days per week.

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Going On

When we get things squared away vertically, it helps clear away the fog horizontally.


Think It Over

Grace frees us to fly. So, fly! Dare I give a few illustrations? Aw, why not? You've had your eye on that sailboat or catamaran or sports car for some time. Why not? You've thought a lot about a cruise or a trip to Europe but never permitted yourself to do more than think. Why not?

An Advocate

The next time you start feeling like Job—alone, accused, deserted by friends, misunderstood, ripped off—turn to Him, your own "Advocate with the Father."

How Could It Be?

And let's not feel so smug about it. Born spiritually dead and diseased by sin from our mother's womb, we have the roots of wickedness deep within us. You do. I do. Every human does, including children.

His Workmanship

Sometimes people can't see past us to hear our message. We never have a second chance to leave a first impression.


 Think before you applaud. Is it the best way to give God your praise? Is it appropriate? Is it necessary? Would silence be better?