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Written by Chuck Swindoll, these encouraging devotional thoughts are published seven days per week.

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A measure of efficiency and discipline in life is absolutely healthy and necessary. Being faithful and dedicated to our work is commendable. “Redeeming the time” is biblical. But there is a point where we no longer enjoy ourselves.

Prophet Sharing, Part Two

Are you what we might call a modern-day prophet, a tomorrow-thinker in a world of yesterday-dwellers? Or do you know somebody like that? Though often unpopular and unthanked, these people perform a vital role in society.

Dress Your Dreams in Denim

People who are in great demand today are those who can see it in their imaginations—then pull it off. Those who can think—then follow through. Those who dress their daring dreams in practical denim work clothes.

Sacrament of Broken Seed

Whether in the sweltering heat of summer or during winter’s bitter blast, I’d like to think that some carefully selected turn of a phrase, some pointed story even the choice of a single word I used reached over to your hand with a grip of fresh hope.


Little by little I’m learning just how enamoured I was of all those catch phrases that made me forget I was on a sinking ship.