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Written by Chuck Swindoll, these encouraging devotional thoughts are published seven days per week.

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Risen, Indeed!

No need to prolong the story. Or complicate it. Or embellish it. Or try to explain it. Or defend it. Just declare it. The facts speak for themselves.

Not to Worry...He’s Risen!

Demons, darkness, and death have been vanquished, yet they continue to lash out in desperate hatred against everything in God’s creation. But not to worry...Jesus is alive with a new kind of life that He longs to give any and all who will believe.

A Hope Transfusion

Easter and hope are synonymous. That special day never arrives without its refreshing reminder that there is life beyond this one. True life. Eternal life. Glorious life. Those who live on what we might call "the outskirts of hope" need a transfusion. Easter gives it.

It's Time to Take Time

When was the last time you really spent time—real time—with your child? Make time right now to do it. Take time to rebuild a relationship.

Free Indeed

 It has been my observation that even here most folks are not free; they have not learned to accept and enjoy the grace that has come to us in Jesus Christ.

The Attraction of Gracious Giving

I never have been able to understand why everyone in the church looks so serious during the offering. Wouldn't it be great if when the offering plates are passed in church next Sunday that instead of grim looks, stoic silence, and soft organ music you heard laughter?

Grace That Releases

One characteristic of a grace awakening ministry deserves special attention: release from past failures. A ministry of grace doesn't keep bringing up the past for the purpose of holding it over people.

Awakening Grace

Having cleansed our hearts of the debris of inward corruptions and the dust of sin's domination, God is now daily at work awakening grace within us, perfecting our character and bringing it to completion.