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Written by Chuck Swindoll, these encouraging devotional thoughts are published seven days per week.

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The Hope You Need

The good news is this: That hope will not only get you through this particular trial, it will ultimately take you into God’s presence when you die because you have received the gift of eternal life through the faith in the death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ your Lord.

The Reality of Heaven

Yes, salvation comes to us “free and clear” of any hidden charges or religious deeds or human effort. We come to God through Christ...lost, sinful, without hope, and deserving of hell. In grace, He sees us in Christ and in grace loves us, forgives us, accepts us into His family, and promises us an eternal home with Him in heaven, the ultimate destination of all His people.

The Reality of Hell

This is only one of many references to an eternal existence in hell. The New Testament, in fact, says more about hell than it does about heaven.

Free Offer

Yes, it certainly cost somebody something. I repeat, it cost Jesus Christ His life. But because He paid the price in full on our behalf, we are able to accept God’s offer free and clear of any cost to us. The payment has been made. The ransom has been provided in full.

Are You Lost?

Think of the Bible as the absolutely reliable instrument panel designed to get people (and to keep people) on the right track. We won’t be confused if we believe its signals and respond to its directions, even though we may not “feel” in agreement at times.

Change Your Routine

Broaden your world. Kick away the thick, brick walls of tradition. Silence the old enemy Guilt, who will sing his same old tune in your ears. And work on that deep crease between your eyes. Look for things to laugh at...and laugh out loud. It’s biblical!

Relating with Our Friends

Whatever leisure time we are able to invest in relationships is time well spent. And when we do, let’s keep in mind we are imitating God, for His Son certainly did.

Is Fatigue Next to Godliness?

Overcommitted, pushed, in a hurry, grim-faced, and determined, we plow through our responsibilities like a freight train under a full head of steam. What we lack in enthusiasm, we make up for in diligence.