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Written by Chuck Swindoll, these encouraging devotional thoughts are published seven days per week.

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The Turning Point, Part Two

“I want to know Him. I also want to model the power outflowing from His Resurrection. And I certainly want to be continually transformed into His likeness... which requires accepting my share of suffering.”

The Turning Point, Part One

Looking back, I distinctly remember the turning point. No heavenly vision caused my attitude to change. My resentment toward God didn’t decrease because of some audible voice in the night. I can trace the acceptance of my circumstance and the shift of my focus to a single verse of Scripture.

Grandparenting, Part Two

Grandparents. What amazing gifts from God. Generation after generation He provides a fresh set of ever-present counterculture in our busy world. Lest everyone else get so involved they no longer stop to smell the flowers or watch tiny ants hard at work, these special adults are deposited into our lifestyle account.

Grandparenting, Part One

Webster—the old codger—would’ve been a good stand-in for Scrooge. Or maybe he was like the late W. C. Fields and just didn’t like kids. On the other hand, he probably played everything by the rulebook and didn’t let his emotions get in the way of his literary contribution.

A Round Tuit, Part Two

Take a 30-minute look at your life this week. Go before God and give Him your list of objectives, asking Him for His green light...then with your desire in gear, tighten your belt and get on with it.

A Round Tuit, Part One

I strongly suggest that you stop right now, print it, cut it out, and save it. It is your own special “tuit.” Because they are rare, you should lock yours up in a safe place. “Tuits” are not easy to obtain—especially the round ones.


We find ourselves making the extreme the standard. Periods are fast being replaced by exclamation points, “Nice” is no longer sufficient. Now it’s got to be “fantastic” or “incredible.”

Say It Well

It wasn’t very long before they realized this guy hadn’t just fallen off some turnip truck. When it came to communicating, Paul had his stuff together. He was a class act.