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Written by Chuck Swindoll, these encouraging devotional thoughts are published seven days per week.

Articles of this Type Spite of Panic

Steadfast is from a term that means “to lean, to rest, to support.” It’s the idea of being sustained as a result of leaning on something supporting you. The words “of mind” come from one verb that means “to frame” or “to fashion, to form.”

Shifting the Stress by Prayer and Rest

We’ve discussed overcoming worry by leaning totally and consistently on the Lord, refusing to rely on our own strength and ingenuity. We’ve talked about delegating your workloads that produce anxiety. We’ve also considered the value of prayer; simply calling on God for relief and wisdom.

Overcoming Worry

Right this moment, take that worry that is eating away at you like a rapidly growing cancer, and turn it over to Him as you write or envision it in that blank space. Refuse to brood over it any longer!

Two Perspectives on Stress

To the surprise of some, the Bible often speaks directly to key issues. Let’s step into the time tunnel to find a perfect example of stress. It is the classic story of Mary and Martha, two unmarried sisters whom Jesus visited in their home at Bethany.

Looking at the Big Picture...and Finding Hope, Part 2

In my 50 years of ministry, I have never been more committed than I am today to pointing our generation to the Word of God. It remains the single most accurate source of strength and divine direction during these difficult days. I exhort you—wherever God has placed you—to live out the truth of God’s Word before your family and neighbours through evangelism, Bible study, and memorization of God’s Word.

Looking at the Big Picture...and Finding Hope, Part 1

The Christmas story has been so sanitized and romanticized over the centuries that even Hollywood—as jaded a culture as can be found anywhere—fails to capture the gritty pathos that surrounded Jesus’ arrival. Truth be told, even some churches annually idealize the birth of our Saviour. Yet it was anything but ideal.

Courage Transfusion, Part Four

People who are grown up keep their vows. They don't run around on their mates. Don't sneak around having an affair and try to rationalize your sin by telling your friends how tough it is at home. Nobody has the interest or time to listen to that. Everybody has it tough at home. They have to live with you, don't they?

Courage Transfusion, Part Three

Isn't it about time you take responsibility for your own actions? When you do what's wrong, say it was wrong. You're the one who caused the problem? Admit it. That's what adults do. You tell someone you'll do something, then do it!