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Written by Chuck Swindoll, these encouraging devotional thoughts are published seven days per week.

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Doing versus Being

Goal-setting and achieving are important, especially if we are in need of being motivated. Moving in the right direction is a great way to break the mould of mediocrity. It's helpful to ask, "What do I want to do?"

Taking Time

Eight words were brashly smeared across the dashboard of the speedboat tied up at Gulf Shores, Alabama. They reflected the flash and flair of its owner whose fast life was often publicized in sporting news across America.

The Case Against Vanilla

John Gardner once pointed out that, by their mid-30, most people have stopped acquiring new skills and new attitudes in any aspect of their lives. Does that jolt you? Stop and think, you who are over 30.

Staying Alert

Your mind is a muscle. It needs to be stretched to stay sharp. It needs to be prodded and pushed to perform. Let it get idle and lazy on you, and that muscle will become a pitiful mass of flab in an incredibly brief period of time.


Now listen very carefully: God, our wise and creative Maker, has been pleased to make everyone different and no one perfect. The sooner we appreciate and accept that fact, the deeper we will appreciate and accept one another, just as our Designer planned us.

Modelling God's Message

Hosea started a scandal in the parsonage. Why? Hold onto your hat—he married a prostitute. Talk about gossip! His name became a byword for "fool." Respect for him dropped to zero. His reputation was suddenly null and void.

God's Control

It was a glorious day when I was liberated from the concentration camp of fear...the fear of saying, "I don't understand the reasons why, but I accept God's hand in what has happened." It was a greater day when I realized that nobody expected me to have all the answers...least of all God!

The Broken Wing

It is quite probable that someone reading my words this moment is fighting an inner battle with a ghost from the past. The skeleton in one of yesterday's closets is beginning to rattle louder and louder.


Great accomplishments are often attempted but only occasionally reached. What is interesting (and encouraging) is that those who reach them are usually those who missed many times before.

A Rare and Remarkable Virtue

This rare and remarkable virtue is within the and-so-forth section in Galatians chapter 5. You know how we quote that passage...“the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, and-so-forth.” That lazy habit has caused a very important series of virtues to become forgotten