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Written by Chuck Swindoll, these encouraging devotional thoughts are published seven days per week.

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Backing Off, Part One

In Ecclesiastes 3:1–8, Solomon, the wise, passes along to us a list of various types of “appointed times” on earth. Among them he mentions a time to heal...a time to shun embracing...a time to give up as lost...a time to be silent.


Most folks read through the Bible and casually notice birds, plants, trees, and wind. But not you! Aim higher than that.

No Place for Islands

We need each other. You need someone and someone needs you. Isolated islands we’re not. To make this thing called life work, we gotta lean and support.

Sunday Listening, Part One

What can be done by the listener to keep the sermon interesting? Instead of thinking about how the preacher could improve, let’s turn to the flip side and consider how we could improve our listening skills.


Being alert and discerning, basing one’s opinion on the absolute truth, is a sign of maturity, a mark of excellence in a life. But pasting labels on people and churches and schools with only partial facts, feelings, and opinions to back those statements up is worse than’s un-Christian.

The Legacy of Learning, Part One

Slice it any way you wish, ignorance is not bliss. Dress it in whatever garb you please, ignorance is not attractive. Neither is it the mark of humility nor the path to spirituality. It certainly is not the companion of wisdom.

Insensitivity, Part One

Perhaps the most tragic shades of insensitivity occur in the home. Between mates, to begin with. Needs in the heart of a wife long to be discovered by her husband. She hides them until an appropriate moment...but it never arrives. He’s “too busy.” What cursed words!