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Holy Spirit

As we read the Bible, we can be tempted just to focus on the parts we understand well and skip over those subjects that are mysterious and confusing. The third person of the Trinity, the Holy Spirit, is surely one of those subjects! But how is the Church affected if the person and work of the Holy Spirit are not studied? More important, how is our own spiritual growth stunted if we don't understand the Spirit's transforming power within us?

Did you know that the Holy Spirit helps you understand the Bible better and assures you of your eternal salvation? After you learn more about the Holy Spirit, you'll understand why Jesus told His disciples that they would be better served by Jesus leaving them and sending them the Holy Spirit than by staying with them (John 16:7).

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The Spirit's Most Significant Mission

For millennia, average Christians as well as learned theologians have strained more than one brain cell to try to understand the incomprehensible mystery surrounding the conception and birth of our Saviour. We'll not lose ourselves in the unsolvable riddle that is the conception of God the Son. Rather, we'll lose ourselves in the wonder that is God the Holy Spirit's most significant mission.

What Does Being "Filled With the Spirit" Mean?

The Christian life is like a car. One needs at least two important things to drive it: a key and fuel. When an individual comes to faith in Christ, he or she is given the key—salvation. But the car of the Christian life doesn't get very far without fuel—the divine enablement of the Holy Spirit, what the Bible calls being “filled with the Spirit” (Ephesians 5:18)