Those Unidentified Inner Promptings

Artwork for Flying Closer to the Flame

Sometimes God gets blamed for things He’s had nothing to do with. More often than not, however, we fail to give Him credit for things He’s responsible for. Usually, they are the unseen (but not unfelt) things…those quiet, unheralded, unmentioned inner promptings that we tend to discount or even explain away. For the person who is a believer in Jesus Christ, there is an undeniable presence within our inner being. He is the Holy Spirit, who has taken up residence within us. He abides within us, not simply to provide stability, dynamic, assurance, and comfort, but to “speak to our hearts,” to move us to action. How seldom anyone ever addresses this vital part of the Spirit’s ministry. Furthermore, how rarely we think of such promptings as coming from God’s blessed Spirit. Let’s look deeper into this fascinating subject. Let’s see if God’s Word can give us greater insight into those unidentified inner promptings.