The Main Agenda of God’s Spirit: Transformation

Artwork for Flying Closer to the Flame

Long enough have we pushed the Holy Spirit into the misty shadows of God's plan for His people. Afraid of being labelled a “charismatic” in our Christian walk, many of us have deliberately ignored scriptural injunctions and resisted allowing Him to manifest a supernatural dynamic in and through our lives. How tragic! How disobedient! The more we read of the transformed lives of those early apostles and of the invincible faith of their converts, the more obvious it is that they had experienced a remarkable change. What was it? How did it evidence itself? And equally important, when did it stop? And why? If the dynamic power of God brought about such a transformation in the first century, who can justify its absence today? With an open mind, let’s allow Scripture to answer these questions…then face the truth of those answers today.