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The Pros and Cons of Ministry

Those preparing to embark on the journey of ministry should anticipate an exciting voyage. The trek will involve strenuous climbs over difficult terrain, but it also will lead to beautiful vistas revealing countless glimpses of God’s mercy and grace.

In this six-part series, The Pros and Cons of Ministry, Pastor Chuck Swindoll shares both the challenges and the joys of ministry. Join Pastor Chuck as he draws from biblical wisdom and his own experience to equip you to serve God in the manner He has called you!

Messages in this Series

Fleshly Failures that Damage a Ministry

In 2 Corinthians 4:1–7, Paul shows that each human heart harbours prideful attitudes and selfish habits that lead us to hide shameful things, do deceitful things, and corrupt sacred things. Thankfully, God offers His people special empowerment. Receive this encouragement from Pastor Chuck Swindoll as you pursue the priceless treasure of an authentic ministry.