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Many of us want to share or pass on our faith to our kids, our grandkids, our friends, and any others God brings across our path. But when we think carefully about it, do we understand what we’re trying to achieve? If not we can easily and unwittingly undermine our efforts.

Because faith in Christ isn’t about morality, doctrinal precepts, or church traditions, sharing our faith is not about passing on a set of morals, doctrines, or church traditions.

Instead, we want to pass on love for the Lord. By changing our question from how do I pass on my faith to others? to how do I live so as to cultivate a love for Christ in others? we shift our focus.

Resources on this Topic

Birthing the Church

Acts 2 marks the successful delivery of more than three thousand “baby” Christians! It was the miraculous, Spirit-fuelled birth of the church. What an adventure! A large gathering of people witnessed the incredible, supernatural power of the Holy Spirit and heard the life-changing Gospel message preached by Peter and the other apostles. Birthday: Pentecost.

Strengthening Your Grip on Evangelism

We’ve probably all been in situations—maybe on a plane or at a convention—when the topic of religion came up and we had to face the inevitable dialogue with a nonbeliever. We’ve usually ended up feeling awkward and uncomfortable, and we've walked away wondering, What could I have said or done not only to win a hearing but to keep a hearing? Acts 8 has some answers for the apprehensive evangelist.