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Hilarious Generosity

Hilarious generosity. Seems like an odd combination of terms, doesn’t it? But when God prompts His people to give, that's how they respond. When the Lord commanded His people to contribute to building a tabernacle in the wilderness, they brought all He requested—gold jewelry, fine linen, special gemstones, and so much more (Exodus 35:21-29). And they did so with gladness in their hearts!

Listen in on the practical and uplifting Bible teaching of Chuck Swindoll as he presents God's principles for giving in Hilarious Generosity. You will be challenged to become the generous giver God desires you to be. More than that, you’ll begin to experience the outpouring of God’s blessing as you take Him at His Word!

Messages in this Series

The Charming Joy of Grace Giving

When grace fuels us to forgive someone who has offended us, we abundantly release every hint of any offence. When grace is cultivated in our relationship with a friend, an abundance of bountiful freedom marks our friendship. The same bountiful abundance occurs when grace is the motivating factor prompting our giving. In other words, living by faith includes giving by grace.

A Tried-and-True Plan That Still Works

While the New Testament does not include direct commands that God's people tithe, it is worth noting that we are never commanded to not tithe. We could even assume that tithing was so ingrained in the New Testament believers' lifestyles, nothing more needed to be written regarding it—though, under grace, giving a tithe was no longer an obligation but an appropriate starting point for all who wished to cultivate the habit of joyful generosity.

Timeless Principles of Money Management

Whether we are single or married, younger or older, wear a hard hat or a top hat, are self-employed or climbing the corporate ladder or retired from that pressured, stressful world, God's Word provides wisdom found nowhere else in literature…and not just wisdom but inspired wisdom. Expressed in ways that are easily understood, some of the most helpful counsel has to do with managing our money wisely.