Contentment, Generosity, and You

Artwork for Hilarious Generosity

Life itself isn't all that complicated; we make it complicated. By focusing on non-essentials instead of essentials, we lose our way and forget our priorities. When we compare ourselves with others, we never measure up. When we take our cues from our culture, enough is never enough. When we strive for more, always more, our level of stress reaches unhealthy extremes. Mix together these complications and non-essentials, and contentment sprouts wings and flies away. So many of us live in squirrel cages of never-ending pursuits. Becoming a faithful and generous follower of Christ does not depend on our accumulation of money as much as it does on our attitude toward money. (Pause and reread that statement.) As we will discover in this lesson, the less we depend on material things to make us happy, the more likely we are to model generosity.