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Names of Jesus

There's just something about the name—Jesus. The Name exalted above every other. The Word. The long-awaited King, spotless Lamb, and great I Am. Christ, Cornerstone, Shepherd, title cannot begin to contain the vastness of the all-surpassing glory of Jesus.

Two millennia have passed since Jesus walked this earth, and yet people are still baffled about who He is. Is He God? Man? A good teacher? The Messiah? All of the above—or none?

In the public square, you’ll hear all kinds of opinions about Jesus. It’s been that way down through the centuries. That’s why Jesus asked the disciples a question that echoes today: “Who do you say that I am?”

Your answer to that question matters more than anything else in this life.

We hope you’ll use this series as an opportunity to draw near to Him and reflect on His promises.

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