What's Good About Aging?

  • What's good about aging?
What's good about aging?


What's good about aging?


We tend to focus on the negatives of growing older. Our youth-obsessed society often ignores the benefits and blessings of growing older and instead focuses on the physical challenges. The Bible presents aging as a normal, natural part of life in this world. In fact, growing old is a blessing of God and the elderly are to be honoured (Deuteronomy 5:33; Leviticus 19:32). Here are some of the benefits and blessings of growing older.

1. One main benefit of aging is gaining experience at living life. Older people have more experience in dealing with people so they are usually better at empathizing with others and dealing with social conflicts. Life experience has taught them to understand different points of view and think of multiple resolutions and compromises.

2. They are better at enjoying life on a daily basis. Ask people over 50 if they are happy and usually they will say they are happier now than when they were younger. They live with a greater sense of achievement because they have accomplished more.

3. Older people are often less stressed. They have answered many of life’s big questions such as marriage, children, and career. Not only are these questions behind them, so are many of life’s big responsibilities. Life and relationships are more mature and stable for older people. They don’t relocate as much as younger people and neither do their friends. They are in a season of enjoying the fruit of their life’s labours.

4. Another benefit of growing older is perspective. Having seen more and done more, older people have more to offer those around them. They have had more time to learn so they often are more skilled and have broader knowledge than younger people.

5. As people age their perspective on spiritual things changes. The prospect of the end of life is closer and it helps clarify what is important and what isn’t. Older people aren’t as concerned with success as they are with significance and leaving a positive legacy for another blessing of growing older—grandchildren.

6. Their view on life is different. Older people have had time to know who they are and become more confident in themselves. They generally aren’t out to impress anyone. Most older people have stopped caring what others think of them, looks included, and therefore feel free to speak their mind.

7. A benefit that grows out of life experience and perspective is wisdom. It’s seen in the way older people deal with others and in decision-making. It’s easier for them to make wise decisions and solve problems because with age brains build connections and recognize patterns. It’s why judges tend to be middle-aged or older.

8. Most older people have experienced major losses. As a result they’ve learned to manage their emotions after a loss, to be content with loss, and to not agonize over loss.

9. & 10. Two final benefits of growing older are time and money. Older people generally have more time and money to do what they want. Because they usually have accumulated more financial resources over time and are more financially stable they can afford to spend their time the way they want. It may be time for themselves or pursuit of their dreams, or maybe time with loved ones, friends, and serving others.
Growing older has much to commend it. If the Lord continues to bless you with life, growing older will happen. Look forward to it.

I hope this helps.