Beyond the Broadcast: Esther’s Finest Hour

“When you wait on the Lord, it doesn’t mean that you do weird things. You go on with your activities focusing more fully on the Lord.” —Pastor Charles R. Swindoll

Without warning, life sometimes prods us down a path that forks into two roads. Even though both choices appear to end with a cliff, we’re forced to choose because time doesn’t stop. When this happens, all we can do is wait on the Lord, seek His face, and proceed in faith.

Take a moment to concentrate on the words of Esther 5. Read the passage a few times, and write down components that strike you as important. Look for the who, what, where, when, why, and how of the passage.

Imagine sitting across from the man who wants to pilfer and eliminate your entire race. With poise resulting from her repose in God, Esther ate her meal and engaged in conversation before Haman and the king. She awaited the right time to reveal Haman’s diabolical plan. Her dependence upon God gave her the wisdom to determine the right time to make her request and strengthened her with unyielding self-control in the presence of an enemy. What God did for her, He can do for you.

A Proud and Sinister Response—Esther 5:9−14

Haman’s swollen pride required all to serve him in fear—just one snub popped his egotistic balloon right after the banquet with Esther and Ahasuerus. How did the author of Esther build tension and elevate urgency for God’s intervention in Esther 5:9–14?

Haman and Esther, in Esther 5:1–14, exemplify two contrasting character traits: pride and humility. How does faith in God promote humility like Esther’s? How does a lack of belief in God demonstrate pride like Haman’s?

Father, thank You for taking care of the unknowns in my life. I confess that I want to control everything, and I ask that the vice grip of anxiety and worry on my heart would loosen that I may rest well. I know You’re working in countless places because this world is about Your glory and Your purposes rather than me and my wants. Only You can give me the peace and faith I seek, so I humbly ask for those things. I pray this in the strong name of Jesus, amen.

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