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In some ways worship is like prayer—a bit elusive, hard to define concisely or assign a structure to, and yet something you can’t help but recognize and participate in when it flows from genuine passion. One thing is certain: true worship always focuses on who God is.

What are other signs of true worship? How is it cultivated? What stifles or destroys it? What kind of music fuels it? How can pastors and music leaders provide the best possible environment for people to worship unashamedly and without distraction? And how do modern technology and changing music styles affect worship in the church?

We hope these resources will help clarify the essential elements of true worship. When you engage in this vital communication with God, you’ll be surprised how quickly your worries and negative thoughts evaporate!

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The Spirit's Most Significant Mission

For millennia, average Christians as well as learned theologians have strained more than one brain cell to try to understand the incomprehensible mystery surrounding the conception and birth of our Saviour. We'll not lose ourselves in the unsolvable riddle that is the conception of God the Son. Rather, we'll lose ourselves in the wonder that is God the Holy Spirit's most significant mission.

What Does Being "Filled With the Spirit" Mean?

The Christian life is like a car. One needs at least two important things to drive it: a key and fuel. When an individual comes to faith in Christ, he or she is given the key—salvation. But the car of the Christian life doesn't get very far without fuel—the divine enablement of the Holy Spirit, what the Bible calls being “filled with the Spirit” (Ephesians 5:18)