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The word grace is a short, simple word. But understanding the biblical depth and meaning of grace can take a lifetime of study and application. It's almost a shame that a word describing suppleness of movement or a short, quick prayer before a meal is the same word we use to describe God's unfathomable love for sinners. Nevertheless, it is grace that moves Him to offer us the free gift of salvation and forgiveness.

Grace is what compelled the Apostle Paul to write of a mystery never understood before (1 Corinthians 2:7-13). Grace is also what allows us to relax into another's accepting embrace as he or she gives us the freedom to discover our unique journey laid out by God. So relax as we journey together down the path toward freedom and the wonderment of the surpassing riches of God's grace!

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Treacherous Temptations


Temptations are dangerous because they invite you to get in over your head. And if you accept the invitation you’ll find all your energy is spent just trying to stay afloat. When it comes to temptation the best plan of attach is a hasty retreat.

Why Me?

James 1:2-4

Although often met with resistance and resentment, trials have a purpose: they stretch you. It is through trials you learn endurance. And it is through patient endurance you bring glory to God.