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Selections from Listener Favourites, Volume 2: Wisdom for Home and Work

Keeping harmony with your grown-up kids isn’t easy. Then there’s your boss. And then there’s the nagging guilt that lingers after you’ve wounded someone you love. The Bible offers practical help for both home and work.

If you want to face each day armed with godly wisdom, then this series from Chuck Swindoll is for you. Listener Favorites, Volume 2: Wisdom for Home and Work can help you develop the insight you need to face life’s daily challenges.

Messages in this Series

Shaping the Will with Wisdom

The last thing healthy parents want is to hurt and discourage those they love so much. Yet, standing firm is a necessary part of training, which means our love must sometimes be “tough,” and our actions must sometimes be strong. After all, we’re dealing with children who will one day have to discipline and restrain themselves.

What to Do When You've Blown It

Too often, we end up saying “if only I had known then what I know now.” How deep the feelings of regret and anxiety in the hearts of parents who “blew it!” Since there’s no way to go back and relive our lives, we need to focus on the best way to respond to these painful memories. Otherwise, we will live under clouds of blame and shame and be paralyzed by fear.

The Qualities of a Good Boss

The terms wise and wisdom appear more than 30 times in the last six chapters of Ecclesiastes, and the concept is interwoven through most of the paragraphs…sometimes in a subtle manner, other times boldly. We’ll see these benefits personified in the life of “the wise man,” portrayed by Solomon in Ecclesiastes 8:1–9.