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From Heaven to Earth: The Story of Christ's Coming

Stress and urgency often characterize the Christmas season. We race from work to the mall to a holiday party, then rush home to make cookies and finally collapse in bed from exhaustion.

How unlike God! Long before the dawn of time, God the Father, God the Son, and God the Spirit set in motion the unhurried plan of redemption.

So don’t dash past nativity scenes, in and out of church services, and back to your list of to-dos. Slow down and contemplate God’s indescribable gift—His Son, whom He gave especially for you!

Messages in this Series

Learning the Background

God doesn’t rush. Carefully and sovereignly He works to reveal His glory. From the morning sunrise, which slowly spreads its rays across the face of the earth, to the unfolding of His plan in each of our lives, God takes His time to achieve His will. How unlike us! We are impatient, anxious, and impulsive, wondering why things haven’t happened as quickly as we wish.

Birthing the Baby

Christ didn’t arrive with the flare of trumpets or with flags flying. He didn’t demand an announcement for whole the world to hear, though He deserved it. Jesus just walked in. Take some time to reflect on the nature of Jesus Christ’s Incarnation—born to peasant a girl in a smelly barn in an obscure town and worshipped by a few people. This humble story reveals the character of our Messiah, who humbled Himself to save the people He loved.

Unwrapping the Gift

When was the last time you gave a gift to a loved one expecting a payment in return? Probably never because if you receive payment for a gift, it ceases to be a gift! Likewise, God’s gift of salvation has been freely given. We can’t earn it and He doesn’t expect payment for it. God wrapped His indescribable gift in eternity, equality, deity, and humility. Open it today!