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Biblical Parenting

Children don’t come with instruction manuals, though we sometimes wish they did. How do we parents manage to raise godly, compassionate children when we’re sleep-deprived, emotionally exhausted, and overwhelmed (and that’s just the first year!)? Can the Bible help us to grow from being merely good parents to becoming godly ones?

Absolutely! Join Chuck Swindoll in Biblical Parenting—A Classic Series and discover a solid parenting strategy for growing from a good to great—and godly—parent.

Messages in this Series

The Bents in Your Baby

No matter how hard parents try, children are determined to go in a direction different from the parents’ desire, and the rebellion persists. What went wrong? What’s missing from this domestic equation? Why is the battle so difficult? The problem boils down to the natural “bents” in every baby.

Shaping the Will with Wisdom

Being a parent is one of life’s most delightful and rewarding experiences. At the same time, it can be one of life’s most exasperating and demanding challenges. Parenting works best when we are loving and understanding, consistent and calm in our reactions, and wise and mature in our actions and attitudes. But who on earth does all of that all the time?

Delighting in Your Children

While parents need to stand firm on issues that call for a strong hand, disciplining our children must never eclipse delighting in them! Throughout the fabric of Scripture, God has woven numerous statements underscoring the importance of not only expressing but also demonstrating affirmation, encouragement, gentleness, fun, tenderness, and affection toward our children.

When the Fun Stops for Parents

Every family has headaches and heartaches. Because human depravity runs deep, it is impossible to rear our children from infancy to independence without encountering times that call for straight talk and tough love. While we love our children no matter what, parents cannot escape those occasions when wills clash, rebellion reaches an impasse, and things get downright impossible.

Suggestions for Parenting Grown-Up Kids

Living harmoniously as a family is an ongoing, intentional journey. The beginning of that journey is marked by great anticipation and genuine excitement. A bride and groom have high hopes and great dreams as they start out life together. However, as in all journeys, unexpected challenges pop up, including the arrival of children, which requires the couple to cultivate valuable parenting skills—without a handbook!