Resolving Those Parent-Child Conflicts

Artwork for Biblical Parenting

This Biblical Parenting message series would not be complete if we failed to address how to resolve conflicts since they inevitably occur in every family. Sometimes parents are the ones who create them. Moms and dads are often too busy and preoccupied, which leads them to be too impatient and irritable. As a result, things are said and done that wound their sons and daughters, causing scars that don’t go away. It’s not uncommon for children to offend their parents as well. As children get older, they often act selfishly, respond angrily, or blurt out words thoughtlessly that hurt their parents. This behaviour also results in lingering and painful feelings of distance that only intensify over the years. When these conflicts remain unresolved, like deep wounds that get infected and fester, unhealthy consequences occur. Unless such conflicts are dealt with appropriately, there can be a permanent breakdown in relationships that time alone will not heal. Who knows how many families today have grown apart due to silence and unresolved conflicts? Who can guess how many wrongs have been swept aside, causing them to remain unmentioned family secrets? Reconciliation is essential if we wish to cultivate healthy and wholesome relationships. But…how?