Wrapping Up a Ragged-Edge Journey

Artwork for Living on the Ragged Edge: Coming to Terms with Reality

Solomon’s pilgrimage was quite a journey from the depths of despair through the slough of despond to the ragged edge of disillusionment. Caught in the jaws of his horizontal perspective, the man screamed his skepticism across life’s landscape. He did not mince words as he declared his feelings about humanistic, empty philosophy: vanity of vanities, all is vanity! His key phrase, repeated numerous times, was “under the sun.” But as he approached the end of the journey, a light started to shine. Hope emerged. Doubt dissolved. And Solomon exhorted the reader to remember your Creator while you are still young. Once God came back into view, Solomon’s whole perspective changed. In fact, the Preacher started sounding like a preacher again! Relief returned as Solomon closed his journal. With the prodigal back in the pulpit, and with his heart and soul focused “above the sun,” we can receive Solomon’s wisdom and apply it to our lives.