We can’t stay at it without your help!

  • We can’t stay at it without your help!
We can’t stay at it without your help!

Dear friend,

Only once did Jesus directly describe His character.

In Matthew 11:29, He claimed, “I am humble and gentle at heart.” Unassuming, modest, unpretentious, considerate, tender—all flowing from the very depths of His heart. Amazing to think that He who created and named the shining stars in the night sky became a lowly servant on the earthly stage.

Jesus made this astonishing claim just after He invited all who are weary from carrying heavy burdens to come to Him and learn from Him. The Pharisees piled upon God-seekers loads of requirements for earning God’s favour. Instead of promoting joy in God, their legalistic demands fostered angst and shame. Then came the refreshing promise of Christ, that all who come to Him will find rest for their souls. What’s the outcome of learning from the Son? Not necessarily bodily rest. Nor mental rest. But SOUL REST!

Everyone needs this kind of deep-down rest. Everyone is searching for it. As the great theologian, Augustine of Hippo, wrote, “You have made us for yourself, O Lord, and our hearts are restless until they rest in You.” Everyone carries burdens of all sorts—guilt or shame, helplessness or aimlessness, pain or despair. Christ softly beckons us to enter into His rest for ourselves. For His burden is light.

I was so touched when I recently read the encouraging words of one listener who found his rest in Christ after an agonizing year in 2020:

I can’t tell you how much your messages have helped me through the storms I have been through, starting in September with the passing of my sister, then my wife’s daughter in November, then with the passing of my wife in December. Jesus used your messages to comfort me and love me and give me a peace that words can’t explain. Thank you.

If you find your soul in deep need of renewed rest in Christ, come to Him. His invitation is written in red. His door is open. His tomb is empty. His Word is sure. Surrender yourself into His gentle hands.

If your soul has tasted Christ’s rest, then I know you carry a new burden, His burden, for others to taste it as well. We at Insight for Living Canada carry the same burden to proclaim peace with God through Christ our Lord.

His rest focuses us and stabilizes us. Furthermore, His rest energizes us to pursue declaring the Gospel across the country. So many restless souls have not heard the news. Many others who’ve had that privilege lack a nourishing diet of biblical truth. By His grace and in His power, Christ is using our ministry of proclamation to bring people to Himself and to help His people grow and find rest for their souls.


On June 30, we close the financial books on another year of ministry. To end well and kickstart a new fiscal year, we need $200,000. Will you please help us meet this goal by making a generous donation this month? We deeply appreciate and depend upon your faithful giving as do countless listeners across Canada.

Thank you for labouring with us.

Rejoicing and resting in Christ our Lord,

Pastor Charles R. Swindoll