A Thanksgiving Message from Chuck Swindoll

  • A Thanksgiving Message from Chuck Swindoll
A Thanksgiving Message from Chuck Swindoll

Dear Friends,

Can you think of a year when we’ve needed Thanksgiving more? Yes, I’m talking about THIS year, 2020—the year when COVID-19 took hundreds of thousands of lives worldwide...when racial tensions exploded into destruction and violence...and when political differences ripped apart families, friendships, and churches. For many, 2020 has been a year of unprecedented loss, deep heartache, and debilitating stress. It has been for Cynthia and me, as well. That’s exactly why we need Thanksgiving more than ever!

Thanksgiving is a holiday with deep, biblical roots. It’s a mute reminder of Paul’s admonition: Be thankful in all circumstances(1 Thessalonians 5:18). It’s a day for those who belong to Christ Jesus to look up, around, and within as we use three magnificent words that can completely change our perspective: “Thank You, Lord!”

This year, Cynthia and I say, “Thank You, Lord!” for:

  • Our lives and health...and that we’ve been able to care for one another through the rough patches
  • 725 pilgrims, representing 44 different states in the United States and 10 other countries around the world, who travelled with us to Israel in March...and for our safe returns—some the very day before travel shut down in our homelands!
  • Bringing to mind Epochal Events Nobody Expected—a perfect series for our times—and providing the technology to re-air those messages online when churches, including ours, had to be closed
  • Financial support that has allowed us to continue ministering unhindered through the pandemic
  • The completion of Swindoll’s Living Insights New Testament Commentary series—the culmination of 14 years’ work
  • Prompting IFLM Arabicjust in time the day before—to relocate to a new building away from the blasts that devastated Beirut
  • Subhadheer Vempati’s becoming our pastor of the Telugu language in India and for new student interns from Haiti, Spain, and Mongolia

We’re also saying thank you for YOU...and so are our teams across the globe!

Right now, we’re ministering in 72 countries and eight languages. I’ve asked representatives from each of the languages in which we currently minister to share with you their gratitude for God’s grace this year. As you read their testimonies, will you please join us in saying, “Thank You, Lord!” Lift your voice in gratitude for what He has done for you and through you in this difficult year!

On behalf of all of us at Insight and each person who has received help and hope through the teaching of God’s Word, thank you for making this incredible year happen!

—Pastor Charles R. Swindoll

IFLM Arabic

I’m grateful that the team at IFLM’s international headquarters shares our passion for sharing God’s Word. I’m even more grateful that they help make our passion a reality by providing guidance and support. But having survived a two-kilo-ton explosion (1/5 that of Hiroshima), I am most grateful for the knees that prayed for us, the shoulders we cried on, and the listening, compassionate ears of IFLM staff and donors. I am grateful for the IFLM family.

—Charlie Costa, Pastor, Insight for Living Ministries Arabic


We’re very thankful for opportunities to expand the content we have available in the Chinese language. We’re continuing to add new sermons, STS studies, and articles to our Chinese website, which is available to Chinese-speakers in China and around the globe. We’re also in the midst of launching a pastor-training program in China that will help equip Chinese pastors to study the Scriptures and prepare sermons and deliver them using the same methods Chuck has used for almost 60 years.

—Tom Hayes, Executive Vice President and Chief International Officer, Insight for Living Ministries

English (Outside the U.S.)

People in nearly every one of the world’s 195 countries access Insight for Living Ministries’ English-language content! We minister to English-speakers worldwide though the joint efforts of our headquarters in the U.S. and our ministry offices in Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Today, all of our English-language offices are funded by donors within their own countries. However, they continue to work in complete co-operation with the U.S. Each office follows the same programming we have here in the U.S. and shares our mission of Vision 195.

  • IFLM Australia—In 1987, God moved the hearts of Australians to open an Insight for Living Ministries office in their country. That dream came true and continues today with ongoing passion and commitment to preach the gospel and proclaim God’s grace. Our office in Melbourne may be farther from our international headquarters than any of our other physical offices, and our clocks may be 15 hours apart, but we share the same heart to minister to Australians with truth, kindness, and compassion.
  • IFLM Canada—Canada is the world’s second largest country by area. However, its population centers are clustered near the U.S./Canada border, leaving Canadians who live across the rest of the vast country often feeling isolated and alone. But since 1984, IFLM Canada has met all Canadians right where they are with care, concern, and love. Chuck’s messages and books provide a sense of calm and cultivate a dependence on God’s providence. We’re grateful that for more than 35 years, God has used us to minister to the hearts of Canadians!
  • IFLM United Kingdom—Since our first United Kingdom broadcast in 1984, God has faithfully guided our ministry in that nation through many changes and trials, including terrorist attacks, Brexit, and now the COVID-19 pandemic. In all this time, one thing hasn’t changed: our commitment to meet the spiritual needs of the people in the U.K. Now, in this year unlike any other, they’re looking to us all the more for solid, practical, and applicable Bible teaching. Terry Boyle, our pastor in the U.K., is also our executive vice president and international instructor of Searching the Scriptures studies. Terry is responsible for developing our Searching the Scriptures curriculum and heading up training for pastors and church leaders. As new curriculum translations are completed, we’re thrilled to see more and more pastors learning to study and preach God’s Word with skill and compassion.

—Tom Hayes, Executive Vice President and Chief International Officer, Insight for Living Ministries

IFLM Polska (Polish)

We thank God for every person who financially supports IFLM Polska. In the face of their generosity, I always stand astonished and intimidated. From the perspective of the U.S.A., Poland is a distant, insignificant country, and yet there are those who help us. Last year, IFLM’s greatest “gift” to Poland was the printing of Searching the Scriptures and the related training course. Already we have taught two editions of this course and are preparing for a third. For some time, my son, Marcin, has been helping me record and edit the broadcasts. During this time, Marcin has developed spiritually in a significant way. I thank God for Chuck and his service. He has a great influence on many people, including the spiritual life of each of us at IFLM Polska.

—Zygmunt Karel, Pastor, Insight for Living Ministries Polska

Razão Para Viver (Portuguese)

Have you any idea how your prayers and offerings impact the lives of real people? Your generosity allows Razão Para Viver to nurture and encourage people in Portuguese-speaking countries with solid Bible-teaching translated into their heart language and contextualized for their cultures. Our hearts rejoice daily when we hear of lives being transformed in Brazil, including isolated and vulnerable communities in the Amazon region; Portugal; and parts of Africa, including areas of conflict and religious segregation. We are fervently praying and working to expand into other countries, such as Angola, Cape Verde, and Sãó Tomé and Príncipe. With time, all Portuguese-speaking countries may hear the Word of God and encounter the wonderful grace of Jesus! Thank you very much for being with us in all these places, fulfilling the Great Commission.

—Fernando Bochio, Pastor, Razão Para Viver

 IFLM Romania

IFLM Romania is particularly grateful for the financial support that allows us to print Chuck’s extraordinary written resources. We are now able to share with pastors and church leaders the Romanian version of Searching the Scriptures—both the book and the student and teacher handbooks. And we’re only weeks away from holding in our hands the Romanian translation of The Grace Awakening. My wife, Anda, and I have been waiting for this moment for 14 years, ever since we held the English version in our hands as students at Dallas Theological Seminary. Praise the Lord and thank you to our donors for making this possible!

—Ben Mogos, Pastor, Insight for Living Ministries Romania

Visíon Para Vivir (Spanish)

Visíon Para Vivir (VPV) has a broad reach into all 22 countries that have Spanish as their heart language. With a broadcast history of more than 30 years, VPV has deep and meaningful relationships with church leaders in many of these countries. These relationships have led to many opportunities to minister and mentor pastors and church leaders in many countries. This last year, we have traveled to and led conferences in Guatemala and Colombia. We’ve also continued to expand the impact of our ministry offices in Central America and Spain.

—Tom Hayes, Executive Vice President and Chief International Officer, Insight for Living Ministries

Telugu (India)

Just like God, through Elijah, fed the widow and her family in Zarephath during the three-and-a-half-year famine, God provided me with this job at IFLM in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. For almost two years, I didn’t have a job after graduating from Dallas Theological Seminary, and now I am able to provide for my family. I thank the donors who are generously investing in my life for the greater work of God’s kingdom. My cup is overflowing! I am truly humbled to see the blessings of God through your generous giving and support. Thanks to all those who are supporting me and helping reach Telugu-speakers in India through IFLM.

Subhadheer Vempati, Pastor, Telugu Language, India

Ministry Office Undisclosed for Safety Reasons

Our office is grateful to the Lord and to IFLM donors for their spiritual and financial support. Romans 10:17 applies here as everywhere: “So faith comes from hearing, that is, hearing the Good News about Christ.” People need to find peace with God and be ready to meet the Lord! We’re grateful for the difficult months of “self-isolation” this year, because they have allowed people to focus and think about what’s really important. Chuck’s teaching helps people to think and decide to come to faith in the living God. Thank you for spreading God’s Word and leading spiritually hungry people to the Savior. We are most grateful to you. The Bible-teaching of IFLM is a spring of fresh water in the desert! 

—Anonymous IFLM Pastor, Undisclosed Location