Sharing the Love of Jesus through Acts of Kindness

  • Simple Acts of Kindness Ideas
Simple Acts of Kindness Ideas

Kindness is a fascinating subject. Simple acts of kindness like picking up litter or giving a compliment are easy yet it always comes as a surprise. Random acts of kindness cause even bigger confusion for people—why this person; why this action; why this moment?

Doing acts of kindness feels great as well as it makes the world or another person’s day a bit better. So I wonder why being kind isn’t second nature to me.

In his sermon Loving What’s Kind, Chuck Swindoll gives a few reasons why we aren’t kind.

  • Kindness takes extra time and we’re all in a hurry
  • Kindness makes us put ourselves in someone else’s place and we’re all selfish (it doesn’t come naturally or easily)
  • Kindness calls for compassion and we are by nature preoccupied and intense
  • Kindness occasionally includes forgiveness but it’s so much easier to hold a grudge

If I’m honest the reason I am not blanketing the world in random acts of kindness is because I’m wrapped up in myself. I’m so focused on how I feel and how other people impact me I don’t even notice the opportunities to be kind presenting themselves each day.

Kindness is a quality God wants everyone to exhibit (Micah 6:8; Matthew 7:12). And there are more benefits than the good feeling of making someone’s day. Matthew 25:31–40 reminds me every time I am kind to someone who is overlooked or ignored I am also being kind to God. If that’s not motivation, I don’t know what is.

Here are some simple acts of kindness ideas I’d like to incorporate into my daily life.

  • Do a favour without expecting anything in return
  • Bring a snack for your co-workers to enjoy
  • Pay for someone’s morning coffee
  • Let someone ahead of you in line
  • Water your neighbour’s garden
  • Spend meaningful time with someone older than you