June 30 is about reaching Canadians

  • June 30 is about reaching Canadians
June 30 is about reaching Canadians

At Insight for Living, June 30 represents an annual milestone. It’s the date our accountants have designated to close the financial books and report our position to the board of directors. 

It all sounds rather perfunctory until you come to realize the direct impact on people who’ve come to rely on this daily radio program! June 30 isn’t about numbers. It’s not about accounting. It’s about reaching men and women across your country with the truth of God’s Word. 

And this year there’s an extra layer of intensity. We sense an urgency to “turn up the volume.” We live in a post-Christian era that suffers from the repercussions of secularism. I’m sure you share my concern: a society that runs without a moral compass is destined for disaster. 

And so I’m calling on every listener to hear God’s voice and to follow His leading. Ask God to direct you on partnering with us to fulfil the Great Commission. Our vision is to share the Good News of Jesus Christ from north to south, east to west. Every amount that’s donated to our ministry stays within the borders of your country with the implicit purpose of reaching your friends and neighbours with the liberating grace of the Gospel. 

So, please, pick up the phone…go online…or send a donation in the mail today. 

Thanks so much for hearing my heart … and for investing with us. 
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Chuck Swindoll

PS We need to raise $171,500 by June 30 to finish the year with a balanced budget. Donate today!