How to Prepare for Easter


While thinking about how to prepare for Easter, I realized it’s an emotional roller coaster. Easter is solemn because we’re acknowledging the ultimate sacrifice our Lord made for us. But it’s also joy-filled because we’re celebrating our redemption and Jesus’ triumph over sin and death.

In the six weeks leading to Easter Sunday, many Christians observe the season of Lent, which is a traditional time of remembrance and repentance. During Lent people cut distractions, practice prayer and fasting, or focus on charitable deeds.

This time of preparation helps us focus our minds and hearts on the reason Easter Sunday is such a celebration.

For me, part of observing Lent is acknowledging my guilt and shame rather than ignore it by being busy or pushing it down to avoid dealing with it head-on. While I know I’m forgiven and redeemed, I still wrestle with feeling inadequate and need to be reminded of the truth.

“So now there is no condemnation for those who belong to Christ Jesus.” Romans 8:1

Preparing for Easter helps me embrace the full meaning of the season and celebrate Christ’s Resurrection with a clear conscience. I’m both repenting for my lowest points of sin and expressing gratitude at the highest points for what God has done for me through Jesus.

In thinking through how to prepare for Easter I’ve come up with five different ideas.

1.     Set aside time to do a Lent or an Easter devotion
2.     Read a book that will deepen my spiritual life and my understanding of what God has done for me
3.     Sing or read hymns and choruses about the cross
4.     Fast and pray
5.     Meditate on the reason Christ had to die—repent and praise the Lord for His ultimate sacrifice to save me from myself

This year, it’s this careful balance of guilt and relief I’m pondering. I’m contemplating the injustice of being saved from my sin without deserving it in the slightest.

If not for Christ’s willing death I’d be dead in my sins. If not for His Resurrection I’d have no chance of eternal life.

My hope is in the days leading up to Easter I’ll come to a deeper understanding of His love for me and find refreshment and renewal through His grace.