Christ has triumphed and He rules with full authority!

Dear friend,

It’s vital to sustain a crystal-clear picture of Jesus in all His glory.

But when life is noisy, hectic, and difficult...

And when the world feels so caustic and chaotic...

It can all make it seem as if He’s sitting on heaven’s fence, dangling His legs, shaking His head with His jaw dropped, thinking, Aw shucks, what should I do now?


Jesus is not pulling His hair out feeling helpless or confused. The book of Revelation, our current theme on the broadcast, swiftly dispels this thought to anchor us in His true status.

Christ has triumphed and He rules with full authority!

His eyes flame like fire. His face shines like the sun. His voice thunders like crashing waves. He is the First and the Last (Revelation 1:10–18).

History is in His hands. Your todays and your tomorrows are in His hands.

We serve the risen, reigning, magnificent, matchless, sovereign Lord of all!

Remembering this true portrait of our exalted Saviour gives us an eternal perspective, calms us in the chaos, keeps our priorities straight, and inspires a deep confidence in Him. That’s the value of a daily intake of God’s Word.

One Insight for Living listener expressed it this way, “Every morning, the troubles and fears that have caused me unrest are quieted by your words.” We love to hear feedback like this. It’s my privilege to share biblical truth and help people walk confidently and consistently in Christ.

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Jesus is never surprised, perplexed, or fretful.

It is all unfolding exactly as He has planned. 

Together, let’s entrust our days into His gracious hands,

Pastor Charles R. Swindoll