Beyond the Broadcast: What If You Are Being Stalked?

  • Beyond the Broadcast: What If You Are Being Stalked?
Beyond the Broadcast: What If You Are Being Stalked?

“We’re not made to fly through life solo. God has others who are gifted and competent.” —Charles R. Swindoll

Human depravity leads to every disturbing situation we can imagine. Sinful people think sinful thoughts, which can result in sinful actions. Stalking in particular creates within us an anxiety, making us fearful as we attempt to cope.

Stalking refers to contact from one person to another, which is intended to threaten or spread fear within the victim. Stalking can involve different behaviours including threats, harassment, being followed, property damage, and slander.

Although the word “stalk” doesn’t appear in Scripture, there are examples of it in both the Old and New Testament. In this lesson we’ll look at Elijah’s particular experience with Jezebel found in 1 Kings 19 and learn how (and how not) to handle this threat to our well-being.

Immediately following Elijah’s victory at Mount Carmel (1 Kings 18–19), he suffered from fear, depression, and anxiety. When Queen Jezebel threatened his life, Elijah fled to the desert, leaving his servant behind.

Elijah mishandled his reaction to Jezebel’s threat in three key ways.

  1. First, he immediately focused on the horizontal
  2. Second, he completely miscalculated the situation
  3. Third, he foolishly neglected his own personal needs

There are four lessons we can learn from this story to help us prepare for tomorrow.

  1. We’re not immune. Elijah was God’s specially ordained prophet, and trials found him out. If trials could happen to Elijah, they can happen to us
  2. We’re not bulletproof. Let’s not embrace the mistaken idea that we can handle the difficult times on our own. We are not superhuman
  3. We’re not alone. While we might believe at times we’re indispensable to God’s work, we need to remember there are always others working alongside us
  4. We’re not in charge. Elijah believed he was in charge of his life, so he fled to safety. However, God reminded the old prophet that only the Lord is sovereign and only the Lord knows all He has planned

The impact of stalking can be devastating, including the loss of appetite and anxiety attacks, and have dramatic results such as physical or sexual assault or even death. If you are being stalked contact your local law enforcement agency for assistance.

“What If You Are Being Stalked?” is from Chuck Swindoll’s series What If...? You can stream this message online anytime.